Awesome Titanium Tool; TiShadow

TiShadow startup screenshotI’ve been using TiShadow for quite a while now, it’s a pretty clever tool to greatly improve development time on titanium projects. What it essentially does is compile your project, push it to one or more devices and runs it, however; this is done without restarting the simulator or without having to manually install the app on the device(s), and best of all; you can use several devices at once! Imagine you have an iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and Android tablet in front of you and every time you modify and save a file in your titanium project the app refreshes, on all devices, AT ONCE! Yeah.. that’s TiShadow.

TiShadow is made up of 3 parts;

  • TiShadow server; which runs on your Mac/PC as a kind of backend
  • TiShadow App; which runs on your devices or simulators
  • TiShadow cmdline ; which you use to run/update your app and push it to the devices

What basically happens is that you open up the TiShadow app from a device or simulator and connect it to the backend. At this point nothing is happening. Next you open up a terminal and cd to the Titanium project on your Mac/PC and enter the command

TiShadow will now compile your project for all platforms and push the new app to the devices through the TiShadow Server.
Now; if you want TiShadow to automatically push the app to all devices you just enter

and TiShadow will monitor your project for any changes and push new code to all devices.

You can create your own “test” app and use the TiShadow app to have customers test new apps and push new releases instantly if you’d set up a TiShadow server on a public server. When devices connect their logs are sent to the server so if an apps has any problems while customers are testing you have you debuginformation right at your fingertips.

TiShadow is a great tool which IMHO leaves behind the Android/iOS-first approach which is discussed at great length in the Ti-community; with TiShadow you have both platforms right in front of you!